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The manufacture of furniture veneers can be considered as a kind of art technologies and manufacturing processes are always adapted to the specific customer needs, but also to the respective types of wood to keep emphasizing their natural beauty.

To facilitate this, we have our bright, 4,000 m2 production hall professionally organized and equipped. The modern machine park rounds up the best possible working environment. Our highly skilled professionals are willing to accept in principle any format order. Currently we are focusing on formats from birch veneer, maple and beech, the thickness of 0.55 - 0.6 mm, of any length and width. Of course, fulfill our veneer Use the highest quality standards in force, what need has been recognized by our longstanding collaboration with partners.

The veneer of our formats is either a local source, or, as necessary, comes from Finland, Estonia, Italy, Germany, China, Turkey, Czech Republic or the USA. During export of the material we do not compromise. We focus on high-quality product which has been extracted, processed and environmentally friendly.

In 2005 started "Prignitz Meble Pomorskie sp. z o.o." furniture production. This is currently our youngest branch of production which will be further developed and optimized extensively. We are now able to receive, every major contract (we do not realize individual orders). Our market position and references to confirm the professionalism of the company and the high quality of products.

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